Genius Steals — Hindsight Is 2020

0. Preamble | What a difference a decade makes: 87,600 little hours…

You never know where life will take you, if you are open to being taken somewhere. When the 20-teens started, we were taking on the biggest corporate jobs of our lives, ‘living’ around advertising agency hours, at the speed of NYC. It was exhilarating and exhausting. We still shudder when we ask someone, “How are you?” and they reply, “busy.” #TriggerWarning ;)

1. Master & Mistress of Ceremonies

Over the last few years we have been asked to help with the concept, theme and programing for events, and to MC them as well as being speakers. We did that for the last couple of years for The Coca-Cola Company, working on the theme & speakers, hosting the event and speaking, as well as doing live slides to recap each part of the day. You can check out some 2018 highlights here and 2019 highlights here [local trending topic both times thank you very much].

Hit us up if you want an MC Dream Team to help take your event to the next level:

2. What We’re Trying | Changing the Keynote Format

Last year, speaking became the biggest part of our business for the first time. It was also the year that we decided we’d take the stage together — And we did: in Memphis, New York, London, Lithuania, India, Istanbul, Bulgaria, Brazil, Romania, Slovenia and Auckland. We share the stage, the whole time, intellectually sparring and occasionally landing jokes, all in the name of insight and entertainment.

Our friends over at Goondocks made us this snazzy reel, which you should totally check out — and share it with all those event organizers you know.

Getting to be a part of client innovation days, taking the stage at conferences, workshops & training… We’re having a blast. And we couldn’t do it without so many of you who have hired us, or recommended us for conferences and internal events. Thank you, so much, for your support.

Those subtitles say something very inspiring

3. Conference Innovation | What We Saw

We spoke at a broad batch of events last year, and more than a few stood out. We got to speak in Porto Allegre Brazil at a conference run by (and for) a lovely group of planners which was wonderful, both deep and broad — and honest, introspective: bold rather than braggadocios, looking at the industry from many angles. There was an especially harrowing presentation of research they had undertaken about sexual harassment in agencies in Brazil.

3. Consulting | Year of the Retainer?

When we started Genius Steals, we said that we would not take retainers, and that we would limit engagements to a maximum of three months. Last year, we were convinced to take a retainer for the whole year.

4. And now, 2020 | What’s Next

So there you have it! A whistle stop tour, to give you a sense of the kinds of work we have been doing, and the kind of things we are keen to do more of this year.

You’ve got this, but everyone could use a little help!

In our combined 25 years as marketers, we’ve developed models and strategic frameworks, facilitated countless brainstorms, hosted workshops & training, and cultivated friendships with people who have inspired us & helped us grow — as entrepreneurs and individuals. We have assets and tools that we want to share. We have more assets and tools we want to develop. And ever since we started this nomadic lifestyle, we’ve been thinking about how we can better connect all of the awesome individuals we meet around the world. We want more events like Offgrid Sessions and Learnfest. And we want smaller group excursions, whether it’s hiking through Bulgaria or brainstorming in front of a fireplace in Beersheba Springs.

5. The Post-Script | Travelogue

Because we’re never going to be travel bloggers, but we always hear you want more about the places we go ;)

This year, our favorite destination was Mexico City. We spent a couple weeks there (our first time) at the start of the year, and oh man, is it awesome. Such a vibrant, affordable, interesting, tasty, fun, huge city. We’ve already got two trips planned to return in 2020. Here is a little podcast — we do them very occasionally as postcards — hence they are called The Nomad Podcard, little snapshots of a place we are visiting.

Why can’t leadership be fun?



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